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Published Articles

From Empire to Ecstasy  describes the two possible "stories" that future generations may tell about the transition from the Age of Empire to the Planetary Age.

Non-Violence and Decentralization argues that a society organized on principles of non-violence would result in the dissolution of large nation states and freedom for individuals and communities. (Updated from 1984 original)

Woman vs the Nation State (A Manifesto) Patriarchy and patriotism — both from the same root word, pater (father) — are simply two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

Green Party Politics and Libertarianism shows how libertarian insights and principles are essential to the achievement of Green goals.

Middle East Issues and Emotions How peace activists learned to deal with the sticky emotional and political issues regarding Israel-Palestine.

Creating A Non-Violent World Through War Tax Resistance  This mid-eighties leaflet is still one of the most popular ones used by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC).

A New Science of Liberty answers the question "Is libertarianism a moral theory and a way of life, or a scientific theory of the means to best fulfill individual preferences?"

Our Husband, the State book review of Wildfire: Igniting the She!volution by Sonia Johnson.

Trade Creates Money  How trade exchanges (and e-commerce) demonstrate the truth of libertarian theories of money.

Local Economics  Mid-1980s article describes that movement for individual and local economic self-determination vs. big government and big corporate rule.

Why Libertarians Should Emphasize Secession and Community Autonomy Arguments for all freedom lovers.

Is Applying Libertarian Principles to Israel Anti-Semitic?
Published in Liberty for All Magazine, February 2004

Internet Articles/Web Pages
Bigotry: Real versus Imagined (3/3/07 version) It is very easy for politically confused, dominating or disruptive individuals, groups or government entities to sow dissension by exploiting the very subjective ways that “bigotry” can be regarded by various people.  Therefore it is useful to know the differences between real and imagined bigotry.

The Return of Street Fighting Man: The Pathology of the New Progressive Violence covers the rise, and probable fall, of street fighting strategy, including: Street Fighter Quotations and Photographs, Why the Return to Violence?, Current Arguments for and Against Activist Violence, Lessons for Nonviolent Activists and Feminists and Creatig Nonviolent Libertarian Movements, etc.

Sunspot Cycles and Activist Strategy  Is it mere coincidence that 1968, 1979, 1989, 2000, years when the world saw a great number of and /or some of the most important riots, rebellions and wars, were also the height of the 11.5 year sunspot cycle?? If not, what are the implications for activists?  (Updated from 1986 original - but out of date now because of html problems haven't had chance to fix.)

Non-Violent Secessionist Strategies describes how to achieve a world of free, self-governing communities and city states. (Updated from 1992 original)

The War on Drugs is a War on Consciousness argues that a prime motivation of those waging the current "war on drugs" is to discredit and destroy any "counterculture" before it becomes the dominant culture.  (Updated from 1992 original)

Favorite M.K. Gandhi quotes including on soul, faith, truth force, woman, ends and means, freedom, government, non-violent action and civil disobedience, and non-violent government, police, armies and economics.

Leopold Kohr - Breakdown of Nations contains photos and quotes of, and links to pages about, the author of the radical decentralist bible, The Breakdown of Nations.  Kohr is the man who inspired the "small is beautiful" movement.

Bruce Baechler Memorial Page (1955-2000) Bruce was a Quaker pacifist, imprisoned draft resister, libertarian anarchist and "IWW" activist who made many friends and did many good works in his life. See memorials from families and friends, link to copy of his former home page, articles and photographs.

Dr. Helen Wambach and Reincarnation describes briefly the work of the author of Reliving Past Lives and Life Before Life who set out to debunk reincarnation through hypnotic regression of thousands of subjects, but ended up collecting massive statistical evidence that we do indeed live many lifes.


Miscellaneous Articles by Others

Empire of the Rising Scum by Robert Shea.  How powerseeking apparatchiks manage to take over and undermine most organizations for their own selfish purposes.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action listing of each from Gene Sharp's book THE METHODS OF NONVIOLENT PROTEST AND PERSUASION

Journalist's Brief Glossary of Nonviolent Struggle  A publication of Gene Sharp's Albert Einstein Institution helps journalists and others define their terms.

The Literature of Nonviolent Resistance and Civilian-Based Defense by Bryan Caplan, from Humane Studies Review 1994