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          Dr. Helen Wambach (Ph.D.) was one of the earliest scientific researchers into past lives and reincaration. She was the author of Reliving Past Lives and Life Before Life (both published in 1978 by Bantam paperback books). The updated Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis  was published in 1984.  Mass Dreams of the Future was published by Chet Snow in 1993 after her death was based on her research.

         Initially motivated by a desire to debunk reincarnation, beginning in the mid-1960s, Helen Wambach conducted a 10-year survey of past-life recalls under hypnosis among 1,088 subjects. She asked very specific questions about the time periods in which people lived and the clothing, footwear, utensils, money, housing, etc. which they used or came in contact with. Wambach concluded found peoples' recollections to be amazingly accurate and wrote that ''fantasy and genetic memory could not account for the patterns  that emerged in the results. With the exception of 11 subjects, all descriptions of clothing,  footwear, and utensils were consistent with historical records.''

    Victor Zammit describes Wambach's research thus:

By doing a scientific analysis on the past lives reported by her 10,000 plus volunteers she came up with some startling evidence in favor of reincarnation:

• 50.6 % of the past lives reported were male and 49.4 % were female — this is exactly in accordance with biological fact.

• The number of people reporting upper class or comfortable lives was in exactly the same proportion to the estimates of historians of the class distribution of the period.

• The recall by subjects of clothing, footwear, type of food and utensils used was better than that in popular history books. She found over and over again that her subjects knew better than most historians — when she went to obscure experts her subjects were invariably correct.

Her conclusion was:

'I don't believe in reincarnation — I know it!' (Wambach 1978).

          In Life Before Life Dr. Wambach described the results of hypnotizing another 750 people and taking them to the time between their past and current lives.  One of her most controversial findings was that people have some choice in their current lives and that the disembodied consciousness or soul does not enter the body until near birth. "The soul usually enters the body  near birth, and has a choice of which fetus to enter. If one fetus is aborted, it is possible to choose another. In some cases, the soul who will occupy the fetus, is in contact with the soul of the mother, and can influence her decision regarding abortion."

           Dr. Wambach found that 89% of those hypnotized said they did not become part of the fetus until after six months of gestation. A large group said they did not join the fetus, or experience inside it, until just before or during the birth process.  They existed fully conscious as an entity apart from the fetus and even after six months many reported being 'in' and 'out' of the fetal body.  "Many subjects reported that the onrush of physical sensations on emerging from the birth canal was disturbing and very unpleasant. Apparently the soul exists in a quite different environment in the between-life state. The physical senses bring so much vivid input that the soul feels almost 'drowned' in light, cold air, sounds. Surprising to me was the frequent report that the new-born infant feels cut off, diminished, alone compared to the between-life state. To be alive in a body is to be alone and unconnected. Perhaps we are alive to learn to break through the screen of the senses, to experience while in a body the transcendent self we truly are."

        Dr. Wambach found that a certain number of people she hypnotized actually saw into future lives.  What they saw concerned her--a devastated and depopulated world.  So in the early 1980s, Dr. Wambach decided again to apply systematic methods.  She did a huge study that involved over 2,500 people undergoing hypnotic future life progression.

       The future life progressions were conducted over a number of years and several groups were involved in the study. Wambach offered the participants a choice of five time periods (three in the past and two in the future) with instructions that their subconscious minds would choose one of the periods. Of the 2,500 people in the study, six percent reported being alive in 2100 AD, and 13 percent said they were alive in the 2300 AD period. Only a handful of the subjects progressed to the future. (My guess that hypnotic progression into the future is just a lot harder than into the past!  C.M.)

     There was evidence, she believed, that there was a decline of up to 95 percent of the population within a few generations.  Concerned, Wambach asked one of her students to progress to a specific date in the late 1990s but had to bring the woman out of hypnotic trance rapidly after the woman found herself "choking to death on a big, black cloud". Wambach found predictions for the last years of the century to include severe earthquakes, a new US currency, severe weather patterns, financial crises, bank failures, an increase in volcanic activity and the decimation of a large number of people.  In 1999, there would be an isolated incident in which a nuclear explosion in Europe kills many people.

       Wambach was working with Dr. Chet Snow who, after her death, published Mass Dreams of the Future.  It contains the results of many such in depth future life progressions, presented in perhaps a more sensationalistic way than Dr. Wambach would have presented it.  On the internet, Wambach today is most quoted by those interested in these future lives than in past lives.

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