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Born in 1948, I have been a political activist, speaker and writer since the early 1970s, while residing in
Manhattan, Los Angeles and, currently, the District of Columbia.
Note, lots of friends and family photos omitted to protect the innocent.

Revolution runs in my blood: my great-great-great-great grandfather Col. James Barrett was head of the militia at Concord April 19, 1775. (And two great-great-great grandfathers fought at Concord and at Lexington as well! (Geneology page to come one of these days. )  However, having learned the lessons of successful revolutions over the last 100 years, I am committed to nonviolent revolution. 
See my web page WhatWouldGandhiDo.Net
My mother's-mother's-mother's mother allegedly was a Sephardic Jew from Ireland (she must have been the paranoid way older family members hid the "secret" for so many years).    And my g-g-g-grandfather "Moore" who came over in the 1700s may have been a German "Mohr" (a name also adopted by some German Jews).  
One of these days I'll figure out how to rummage through Irish and German geneological records and find out what's true.

My Repressed 1950s and 60s

Even in 1950 I was protesting! 

Unfortunately, 1950s repressive socialization kept me pretty quiet for the next 18 years (except in classes where I was always shooting off my mouth and being a smart ass).

Photo collage from 1 to 21 years

In 1964 I saw the Beatles twice, August 30 at the Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey (see sign) and September 20 at New York City's Paramount theater (see real live Beatles--or at least their drums). My sister and I and our two friends went exploring in New York, when the guard caught us they ran down the stairs and into the Beatles reception room--seeing two live Beatles.  We ran down the hall and ended up in the lobby.  The screaming of thousands of women was the end of repression and the renewal of womens' lib! My story has been included in the book "We're Going to See the Beatles" published in 2008 and available at Amazon.Com.  See my We Went to See the Beatles video!  Between that experience, reading Ayn Rand and a mystical experience of the oneness of being - that was the end of my short allegiance to the Catholic faith!

The Swinging 60 and 70s -  Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Theater

After graduation from North Plainfield High School in 1966, I attended Ohio Wesleyan University for 3 years, dropping out after seeing the musical "HAIR" in New York.  Not uncoincidentally, I then spent a year doing sex, drugs and rock and roll in Cambridge Massachusetts before  getting "serious" and finishing a B.A. in political science at Wayne State University. I even started an MBA at Bernard Baruch until flunked one of those accounting courses they make especially difficult to ensure not too many people become accountants.
  Once I moved to New York City - and got involved with the radical feminist movement - I developed quite a "f*ck you"-with-a-smile-attitude, which I brought to standup comedy and political folk rock songs, as well as plays and musical comedies (unproduced) promoting a hippie feminist anti-establishment progressive message.   I hung out with musicians and comedians and partied a lot, exploring consciousness in reading, writing and reality. I also went to lots of radical feminist meetings and protests. It was at this point I started writing a book which became the outline for my work in progress for 30 years, now called CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITY: TRANSCENDING GOD AND STATE.  I was a talented dilettante jumping from new adventure to new challenge to new project.

Just hanging out, Carol makes first page of New York Times style section.

A few of my 40 plus songs written during that period are now music videos.
See  "I Chose the Apple" - yeah, that's my theme song!
"Best Wife Money Can Buy" and "Pink Prison" and "Flowers and Stones"
(One of these days I'll replace the accidentally pilfered music to my delightful song
"Oooh, I just love Jewish boys" and make a video of that! With lots of photos of Jeff Goldblum?)

From 1979 -  Activism Junkie
After the March 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear disaster I got serious about political action and, after reading a bunch of books and meeting a lot of activists, left and right, became a libertarian and a Gandhian in the fall of 1979. Within a few years I realized that the bottom line of liberty is the right to form your own private communities that actualize the values that matter most to you--and that the right to secession is the most important political right.  See my site Secession.Net

During these years of activism I have worked on many large and high profile single issue campaigns and demonstrations with feminist, peace, civil liberties, green/bioregional, radical decentralist, drug legalization, sex workers rights, Second Amendment and Waco Justice groups.  

1979-1982 New York City

Click here for dozens of photos of my adventures in peace, libertarian and other groups over the last 33 years.

New York City 1980: Carol at a Libertarian Party of NYC Wall Street rally.
From right 1980 Presidential candidate Ed Clark, unknown woman, Carol and VP Candidate David Koch.
One of Carol's early co-conspirators, Murray Rothbard, from 1989 photo.

Carol and guitar during 1982 peace events organized with NYC libertarians and others 
who formed an anti-authoritarian group called No Nations, No Nukes. See my "No Nations No Nukes" music video of the theme song I wrote for the group...

(Note "abolish government" tee-shirt and carrying the black flag.)

In 1981, soon after the death of John Lennon, I wrote "Take Up the Flag" (see music video) as a tribute to him and his words "Imagine No Nations."
I won free studio recording time in a song contest and with my friends in my "living room" band Pagan Love recorded it there. 
Thus it's the only song not produced on my crappy casio keyboard.

1982-1987 Los Angeles

In 1985 with "Breakdown of Nations" author Leopold Kohr.
See my 
"Breakdown of Nations" music video.
In 1987 with Libertarian Presidential nominee contender Russell Means.

Carol speaking at California libertarian conference and demonstrating for peace in the mid-1980s.
In 1987 I founded Pro-Choice Libertarians (reconstituted in 2002) which ensured that 1998 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Ron Paul did not use his campaign to promote a pet issue: outlawing all abortion through a Constitutional Amendment.   Thanks to Ron Paul I wrote my "Fighting for My Freedom" song, now a music video.
Over the years I have written provocative articles for small publications including various LP state newsletters and LPNEWS, Liberty magazine, GNOMES, Lumpiness catalog, Laissez-faire Review, In Context, The Peacemaker, The NonViolent Activist, The Green Letter, Freedom Network News, Association of Libertarian Feminists News, etc.  I also wrote introductions to reprints of books by Karl Hess and Clearance Darrow.   And I was editor of the newsletter DECENTRALIZE! (1985-90) and of “Free Spirit,” a 5000 circulation free paper distributed by libertarians in Washington, DC in 1988.  Stories and/or photographs about my activism have been carried in the NY Times, NY Post, Los Angeles Times, Washington City Paper and Washington Post.

I have spoken for numerous libertarian groups including the Future of Freedom and Freeland Conferences, Libertarian National Convention workshops in Seattle and the District of Columbia, dinner clubs in Los Angeles,  Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia, and state conventions in California, Illinois and Maryland.  In 1984 I won the Rampart Institute's Freedom Folk Song competition for my song “If One Person Says No!” (No music video yet.)

1987-til current (or til the nukes fall)  Washington, DC, Belly of the Beast

Carol with 1988 Libertarians DC ballot access team and volunteering in the Libertarian national office on Pennsylvania Avenue SE

Late 80s-Early 90s -- Lots of pro-choice organizing

From 1989 to 1992 I actively worked with drug legalization groups and
helped start a national network of women in the drug legalization movement
to deal with issues of sexism and violence in that movement.

Around this time, during one of my periods of spiritual contemplation, I wrote my second or third song about Reincarnation.
See my
"I'm Going Home" music video.

Carol having feminist fun...

1992: Carol with Andre Marrou and Marrou and then LPHQ staffers Bruce Baechler
(see his memorial page) and Stuart Reges.

1993 to present - Waco Justice Activism

In September of 1993 Carol and Bruce Baechler visited the ruins of Branch Davidians' home Mount Carmel. In late 1993 several of us in Washington, D.C. formed the Committee for Waco Justice, and as a lead organizer I provided information to Congressional Committees, civil suit attorneys and the press and organized almost two dozen local protests around the issue, including to stop physical abuse of Davidian prisoners.

1995 Press Conference for Davidian Prisoners at Janet Reno's office (15 activists and 15 press in attendance). 
(Dozens of Waco Justice protest photos here.)  Carol's June 1995 Speech at Lincoln Memorial Gun Rights Rally

Carol on Nightline, 1995

Carol on cable tv, year 2000
I appeared as a spokesperson for the group on Nightline, McNeil Lehrer, and numerous cable television and radio shows, including in debates with the former head of BATF and a notorious FBI agent.  I applied my nose for wrong-doing in writing the 1995 book The Davidian Massacre, published by Gun Owners Foundation.  Prolific libertarian author James Bovard said of this systematic expose of government crimes at Waco, "Her book pulls together many of the most shocking details of government abuses that a reader cannot find anywhere else."  The book sold over 7,000 copies.  I still end up doing at least one radio or news interview almost every year on either the February or April anniversaries of the tragedies.

Carol Associated Press

Photo, 1996

order book
I helped set the Davidian prisoners up with top Second Amendment attorney Steve Halbrook
who helped them win a Supreme Court case which cut 25 years from their sentences.
(Photo April 24, 2000 at the Supreme Court.)

More Libertarian Party Activism

1996 LP Convention with Harry Browne

        Through the years I have served as Secretary of the New York City party, office manager of the Los Angeles party and Chair (twice), Secretary and Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of DC.   In 1998 I made a last minute run for Secretary of the LNC in 1998 against lone Secretary candidate Steve Givot to protest his attempt to have the Platform Committee pass a watered-down platform.  My challenge resulted in an exciting three ballot race which put the convention an hour over time.  During my nominating speech I inspired several libertarian delegates to propose, and the Convention to pass, a resolution calling for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The resolution lead to national publicity for the party.

More Peace and Anti-Nuke Activism

Carol at 1998 Day Without A Pentagon Rally.

Speaking at a demo vs. the 1999 NATO war on Serbia.

Photo from Sinkers.Org

     In 1998 and 1999 I was an organizer with local peace and street theater groups protesting the US bombings of Iraq and Serbia. 

After Juanita Broadderick's revelation about Clinton raping her, Clinton tried to re-establish his leadership by  bombing Yugoslavia  -- as I reminded everyone during a spring 1999 demonstration vs. that war. (Photo appeared on inner cover of a 1999 Alternative Press Review.)

My NUKE WAR THIS WEEK? sign probably ensured this small 1999 anti-Serbia bombing demonstration got covered in the Washington Post.

At the June 1999 post-war "Not a Victory" march - a title I suggested to the organizing group -  I burned a Washington Post subscription form 
to protest the paper's support for Clinton's War. Yup, I wrote a theme song and made a 
"Not a Victory" music video too! 

December 31, 1999 some of us protested the threat of nuclear war, with or without "Y2K" bugs.

Inspired by the "Seattle Riots" of 1999, in early 2000 liberals, leftists and anarchists in D.C. whom I had organized with for several years on peace and non-intervention issues turned to condoning and promoting "diversity of tactics" (i.e., property destruction and assaults on police at demonstrations) .  Their goal: all the publicity that nonviolent action had not gained them. As a feminist and a pacifist I was outraged by what the macho, mostly "anarchist" black bloc and its liberal and leftist allies were trying to force on peaceful activists.  (Remember my song saying the black flag is the peace flag??)

In response, I helped formed the "Keep the Peace" affinity group to promote strictly nonviolent de-escalation and peacekeeping at demonstrations. (See photos.)  I also wrote an online book called The Return of Street Fighting Man.  Of course, now that the government is inflitrating groups like crazy again, trying to entrap people and prosecute them as terrorists, we are quickly going back to the times when anyone proposing violent action was considered to be a crazy or a government informant.  In my old age, that's is as much a relief as an outrage...

Speaking at a peace and war tax resistance rally in April, 2000 at Treasury Department.

Election 2000

As year 2000-2001 Chair of the Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia (see photos), I helped revive the party which then ran two city-wide candidates who brought the LPDC its highest vote total ever. I also helped the year 2000 Harry Browne Presidential campaign effort by organizing a successful demonstration against NBC's Meet the Press when it refused to put Harry Browne in a debate with third party presidential candidates Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader.  Two weeks later Meet the Press relented and interviewed Browne.  I also was named a Harry Browne "Volunteer of the Week."
 As my last act as LPDC chair I invited journalist Jon Utley to speak at the June 16, 2001 Libertarian Party of DC Convention on the topic
 "US Military Intervention and the Terrorist Threat."  It proved to be a prophetic choice.
My June 30, 2001 Prophetic Dream

         Around 5:30 am on June 30, 2001 I awoke abruptly from a frightening dream.  It was sufficiently scary that I wrote in my diary that night: "dreamed looked out window and saw huge tower of brown smoke--realized it was a nuke bomb (no flash) and saw the shock wave coming towards me..."
       It wasn't until two weeks after the September 11, 2001 attacks that I realized that the strange squar-ish smoke tower I saw was a World Trade Center tower and the shock wave was the emotional and political shock that resulted from the attack.  (Let us pray that this does not go nuclear--especially after Bush attacks Iraq!!!)
       I have edited a news photo of one tower that exactly matches the shape and color of the "smoking tower" I saw, into a photo taken from my bedroom on a day like the day in my dream.  (Plus a little weird looking grey smoke I painted in there.) I live in North East Washington, DC, and the photo looks out towards the northwest. 

Protesting the War on Terrorism - 2001 - 2007
I was out protesting or going to meetings four to seven times a week throughout those years. I'm still tired from all that protesting.

  Carol protesting the war on terrorism (see lots more anti-war photos)
and selling buttons to get the word out.
My RADICALBUTTONS.COM now re-directs to various of my CafePress sites
The Libertarian Party national committee, and too many members, were a little too sympathetic to the US military action in Afghanistan.  With other libertarians I launched Libertarians for Peace to encourage principled libertarians to run for the Libertarian National Committee and as Congressional candidates. 

I ran for Secretary against Steve Givot a second time in 2002 to speak up for peace and non-intervention.
I lost but made my point and helped defeat some hawks running for the Libertarian National Committee.

Protesting in 2003
(Lots of 2003 photos here)

See 2004 photos here

Protesting FBI's "almanac warning" January 2004
(People who own Almanacs might be terrorists!!)

A wire services's Only April 15, 2004 Tax Day Protest Photo was Carol with her
War Tax Resister Friends at IRS HQ in Washington

  See 2005 photos here 
Including a bunch against Neocons and Israel Lobby, Iraq and Iran wars, etc.

 See 2006 photos here- Plus I started making videos galore, still up at
Also started my new blog CAROLMOOREREPORT
Protest at Israeli Embassy
During Attack on Lebanon

Fun Diet Coke, Mentos & War
Criminals Video

With Cindy Sheehan and photo of Rachel Corey; moderating panel on US Aggressive Nuclear
Policies on Nagasaki Anniversary at Rayburn House office building, shown on C-SPAN.
I wrote my song "I Died for a Lie" (now a music video) at a Sheehan-led White House protest
 in response to some excessively patriotic parents of a son who had died in Iraq.

In April I got arrested for shouting "it is the right of the people" - didn't finish "to alter or abolish government" before they arrested me during a protest at a Senate building. 

Video includes my getting arrested at the end...
See the Ron Paul "Pauloween" Video too!  Carol as a "Fool for Liberty"

More volunteer work for no money!!
2008 - Broke my arm slipping on ice on Lincoln's birthday... a sign??

In 2008 this taurus the bull turned 60 and gave herself a "Happy Birthday to A Rebel at 60" video birthday present...
Videos of teenage Carol currently privatized - ho ho!

RIP my handsome boy
Maxwell K.! (1994 - 2009)
I dedicated my music video to him
"If I Wrote a Song About You"!

July 3-4-5th, 2010, I finally put up my site with the first dozen songs
Still resting up before the revolution.... See SUNSPOT CYCLE AND ACTIVIST STRATEGY

Write a new song called.... "Don't Tread on Me!"
Obnoxiously autobiographical... but real rousing refrain...

November, 2010

Marc Guttman's big collection of  autobiographies of libertarians finally published.  Has a ten page chapter on yours truly: "Consciousness, Community and Liberty"
Get WHY LIBERTY? at your favorite online shopping site.

 2011 - 2014 Trying to get my butt moving to make the revolution...even got to a few protests! (See Youtube/Carolmoore recent videos or my new Youtube/TheIsraelLobby videos created 2013 because I had so many videos of protests vs. Israel or the Israel Lobby that they needed their own site.)
Turn 65 and become a bloodsucking slave of the state...
December 2013- The sunspots are at a rather low height... thus no revolution in US; Arabs revolted early, but revolutions were co-opted...

So I better stop fooling around with the my hobbies
and start doing something about...

And the adventure continues...

Please ask for permission to use Carol Moore's copyrighted photos. See my Wikimedia Commons photos here.