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[1] Jake makes the excellent point that libertarians have the right to criticize any foreign country for property and human rights abuses. Just because supporters of that country give hundreds of millions of dollars to politicians is no reasons to keep out mouths shut.

Root wants the US to fight for Israel at the UN and only eventually with draw money from it. Many right wing Jewish libertarians want Israel to be free to steal the rest of the Palestinian lands, drive them out, kill them if they don't leave, and bomb and even use nuclear weapons against any Arab country that dares to resist. We all know about its Samson Option threat to bring the whole world down in nuclear holocaust if it even is forced to give up its stolen lands. Not very libertarian.

[2] David F. Nolan was the founder of the Libertarian Party and quite upset about the direction Root and his cohorts were taking the party; he died of a stroke five months after this incredibly anti-libertarian (and some might say anti-American) exchange.

[3] Root thinks Israel supporters refusing to donate to the LP is the main reason it hasn't succeeded in 49 years!! He is correct that Jews are big donors to national committees. Various individuals have estimated Jews give about 60-66% of the contributions to the Democratic National Committee and 20 to 40% of contributions to the Republican National Committee.[1] [2] [3][4] They also are big contributors to presidential candidates, but the percent of money given to other canddiates is far lower. However, through AIPAC and other pro-Israel affiliated political action committess, large amounts of money can be targeted to destroy critics of Israel and support their campaign foes. That's why Congress is 100% behind every human rights abuse and every war Israel wants to start.

Note that as of 2009 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)'s IRS records show that AIPAC got $48,842,187 of its budget from one donor, $13,503,472 from another, and the remaining $2,261,755 from all others.[5] It is assumed these two billionaires are rabidly pro-Israel and committed to destroying any politician - Democrat, Republican or Libertarian - who does not march to their tune. (Even Ron Paul says he wants to free Israel to "defend itself.") How long before Wayne Root starts taking big money from people like this? Or is he taking it already?

Note that Gary Johnson, who as of March 31, 2012 had $150,000 of campaign debt, emphasizes that Israel is our ally and even infers it should be used to fight our wars! How much money is he expecting from Israel supporters - in addition to United States government matching funds??

[4] Here Root admits that most of the money he got for his 2008 race for LP Chair was from individuals who "consider Israel a very important issue."

Since Root is not only a Jew[6] but a "born again Christian"[7] doubtless some "Christian Zionists" also contributed.

What Root doesn't say and what is relevant to the future is that these big donors wants the United States to be 100% behind Israel, either supporting its attacking Iran, including with nuclear weapons, or leading that attack. They don't want any little "libertarian" parties criticizing war on Iran. (And note that AIPAC and its other lobbies have worked hard to put into place preemptive prosecutions and indefinite detentions with no legal recourse for Americans who might oppose such wars.)

These people don't care if this war costs the United States 10 or 20 trillion dollars, complete loss of our liberties, and leads to regional or even world nuclear war. I have little doubt that Root and some of his "libertarian" allies belong to this crowd.

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David F. Nolan

OK, as a long-time Libertarian who has run for Congress twice (and is running for US Senate this year) I have to say that the LP's stance regarding Israel almost NEVER comes up as a reason for not supporting our party or its candidates. Maybe in NY City, but rarely elsewhere. Common objections I've heard raised include our (relatively) open-borders position, our opposition to government-run education, concern that poor people will starve w/o welfare, and occasionally our opposition to the War on Drugs. But Israel? Almost never. I have spoken before thousands of people and talked to hundreds one-on-one. Perhaps three people out of all those hundreds have ever even mentioned Israel.  
June 11, (2010), 2:28 pm

Wayne Allyn Root
David...you're small theoretical universe of hundreds of people ...90% of whom includes Libertarians...is hardly a scientific model. How about FACTS? Do they matter to Libertarians? Here are real scientific numbers...in the 2004 Presidential election over 60% of all monies donated to the Democratic Party were donated by Jewish voters. And here's the truly interesting and surprising number...over 40% of all the monies donated that same year to the GOP was from Jewish voters.

Add it up David...that means over 50% of all political donations in the United States comes from Jews. 50% of every dollar given to political candidates. So perhaps the fact that the few hundred people you've spoken to don't mention Israel means absolutely nothing. The biggest donors in American politics...most of whom are either Jewish or Christian believe very strongly in America supporting Israel. I wonder...maybe...just maybe...if this one issue thats so important to pretty much every big contributor in all of American politics...might be THE disconnect that has resulted in 39 years of futility...and almost zero campaign contributions from big donors to the LP? Maybe theres a disconnect there as big as the Grand Canyon. Maybe.
June 12 (2010) 12:46 am

Wayne Allyn Root
Now let's bring it home in a more personal and scientific way...while LP candidates can't raise any serious money for races like Congress or Senate or Governor...while it's hard to raise even $100 as a Libertarian candidate...I just raised $25,000 in 2 weeks for an intra-party race (Chair) that no one outside the LP cares about. And all of my donors wrote $1000, $2500 and $5000 checks. All were business owners...and every one of them considers Israel a very important issue. Understanding the power of my fundraising ability and my highly unusual success in getting donors to write big checks for the LP...perhaps Libertarians should step back...listen...and learn a valuable lesson. The LP has made a big mistake and miscalculation on this issue for 39 years. Is it the most important issue? Absolutely not. It's not even in my Top 10. But it is a very important issue to the biggest donors in American politics. And it is certainly a DISASTER to say negative, vicious, derogatory things about our ally Israel.
June 12 (2010) Wayne Root 12:53 am

Wayne Allyn Root
Interestingly, I do not ask Libertarians to love Israel...or support Israel...I ask them to stop making outrageous statements that denigrate Israel for defending herself...and stop making supportive statements about terrorist organizations like Hamas ...and stop showing propaganda videos on Libertarian's Facebook page that are created by terrorists that paint Israel as the devil. If you ever want to win elections or raise money from mainstream patriotic Americans this has to stop. Public perception is 99% of politics...and Libertarians are painting a horrible public perception...and showing a terrible lack of judgment.
June 12 (2010) 12:58 AM

Wayne Allyn Root
Lastly David...I'm interested how much money you raise for your U.S. Senate run versus John McCain? My guess is the hundreds of people you meet at events in Arizona that share a lack of interest in Israel...will collectively donate about $2.50. Meanwhile John McCain and his Democratic opponent will each raise $1,000,000 at one single fundraiser dinner in Scottsdale from donors who all care VERY much about Israel. Perhaps the LP has lacked judgment on this issue for 39 years. Unfortunately thats not all the LP has lacked...we've lacked MONEY. No coincidence.
June 12 (2010) 1:01 AM

David F. Nolan
I do not recall making any statements about Israel that could even remotely be called "hateful." I have, however, spoken out clearly against sending American troops or tax dollars to that country ... or any other. That's the Libertarian position.
June 12 (2010) 1:01 AM

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