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September 5-21, 2006

A project focusing on ending the war, righting injustices here at home and holding accountable the Bush Administration and Congress.  Photos of the Camp, Speakers, Participating Groups, Activities, Activists See my Camp Democracy videos
Also see Vets for Peace activist Debbie Clark's excellent video
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Camp Democracy Layout
Note: the Camp was at 14th and Constitution NW near White House;
for Sept 9-11 only it moved to 4th and Constitution near the Capitol

Every time Bush helicoptered over to the White House he had to look at the five big and several small tents, the 20 foot "Bushoccio" blow up doll, the "Hey Bush meet with Cindy" (Sheehan) and other signs.

Just in case he misses the camp, we run out to greet the three helicopters which come in (third one not in photo.)  Of course, sudden appearance of security on building roofs lets anyone who's interested know he's coming.

Bushoccio and his big lying nose.

Bush would see this too if he came in at the right angle.

Entrance from Constitution Avenue

Further up from that entrance shows main square surrounded by tents.


Iraq Workshop

Representatives Lynn Woolsey and Jim McGovern are lead organizers against the Iraq War. Asked about opposition to an Iran War, Woolsey answered that a majority of Democrats had voted against the Iraq War.  Not comforting enough to those concerned that Bush will just go off and bomb Iran without consulting congress at all.

"Hip Hop" Reverend Lennox Yearwood speaks on injustice of American society.

Katrina and anti-poverty activists speak out.

Workshop on War Tax Resistance, Iran, World Can't Wait.

Former U.S. Army officer and State Department Deputy Chief Ann Wright, who turned anti-war protester, points at and urges audience to protest at Congress.

Pro-democracy speakers.


Libertarian Ivan Eland of the Independent Institute who spoke on U.S. interventionism.

Former Senator Mike Gravel, a 2008 Democratic Party Presidential candidate, speaks about the national initiative idea which would allow all Americans a direct say in making -- or repealing -- national laws.

Maryland independent Senatorial Candidate Kevin Zeese and
others speak on voting rights issues.

Kyle Hence, producer of "9/11: Press for Truth" about 9/11 families efforts to make the government reveal all 9/11 related facts.

Iraqis Aseel Albana and Raed Jarrar from left, before Iraq workshop.

Ray McGovern, former Representative Elizabeth Holzman and others speak about impeaching George Bush.

Center on Conscience's J.E. McNeil (left) with AWOL military resister Ricky Clousen.

Workshop on War on Terror.

"Take on the Media" event with Ray McGovern, Jeff Cohen of FAIR, "Rush to War" filmmaker Robert Taicher and organizer.

Ray McGovern watches video of MSNBC story about his grilling of Rumsfeld.

Women veterans and wives of resisters speak about their ordeals. Included were Sarah Rich (mother of Suzanne Swift),
Col. Ann Wright, Kelley Dougherty, Anuadha Bhagwati and others.

Press conference with women veterans and wives of resisters.

Iraq Discussion with Medea Benjamin, Marcia Jansen, Ann Wright, Sue Udry, Melody Drnach, Diane Pearlman.

Big crowd for historian Howard Zinn.

Standing room only at Camp Democracy.


Iraq Veterans against the War and Veterans for Peace.

See also Gold Star Families for Peace

"Camp Alex" dedicated to Alex S. Arredondo, a 20-year-old Marine from Randolph, Massachusetts who died in Iraq in August, 2004.


Photos of Alex.

A discussion area for veterans who have high rates of substance abuse.

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee's Ruth Benn.

Velvet Revolution was a big contributor to this effort.

Code Pink table.

Pacifist group's plea.

One vets table's offerings.

DC Antiwar Network


Part of the small group that made it happen meeting a few days before tents went up.

Artist Skip Rohde displays his work - Ann Coulter at left, Bush below.

Another meeting: "Now what are we gonna do about wireless?  Can we use it from the bus? How about Verizon? Who's gonna call Verizon?"

Bushoccio joins us near the Capitol for three days.

"Nuclear Death" in front of the hundreds of tombstones at Camp Democracy.

And mocking the "Bring Them Home Alive" sign.

WPFW broadcasts from Camp Democracy.

Another meeting: "So should we extend Camp Democracy for another two weeks? Who's gonna pay for security? Who's gonna be here? What's the program?"

Tourist trap: "Get your photo taken with the Chain Gang heads. Get your photo taken with the heads! Make a donation to Camp Democracy!"

The "Chain Gang" had a lot of fun wandering the city and whipping up the population to prosecute the war criminals.  See my video of "War Criminals, Diet Coke and Mentos."

Laurel Jensen's photo of the Chain Gang riding the carousel at the Smithsonian.

Preparing for a foray to the White House.

"Chain Gang" volunteers prepare unwind.

Flying the peace bird.

Planning a civil disobedience at the White House.

Making a big Code Pink banner.

Breasts Not Bombs "topless" activists planning White House protest.
(I got a bad cold and missed participating in it!)

Carol with the Chain Gang in the infamous pink "men are pigs" t-shirt.

A few Code Pinkers pose with the flags.

As sun goes down, women and men prepare to march to the E Street theater to see the new movie "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" "Nuclear Death" leads the way.


Logistics coordinator Jose Rodriguez and lead organizer David Swanson.

Gael Murphy of Code Pink and David Swanson.

Carlos Arredondo of Camp Alex, Missouri Republican primary candidate Midge Potts and other volunteers.

David Swanson and crew work the media long into the night.

Carol Moore and Ray McGovern.

Linda Wiener and Jose consult on some logistical issue.

Linda and Katie Heald pound away publicizing Camp Democracy.

Green Jay Marx and photographer Laurel Jensen.

Kevin Zeese campaign's Heather Vargas, hard working activist "Zool" and the ever-present Mr. Rodriguez.


Photos copyright Carol Moore 2006.  Higher quality versions available.