Photos 2000-2001 When Carol Moore was Chair of
Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia

see Carol's promotion of secession in LP

2000 Photos

LPDC Constitution 2004

May 16, 2001 LPDC Convention
(Where new Chair elected/ Carol elected treasurer)

Speaker: Jon Utley on  "American Interventionism and the Terrorist Threat.
What Can Libertarians Do?"

May 9, 2001 Dinner with Don Ernsberger
Speaking on "How to be an effective and principled LP candidate"

May 5, 2001 Yard Sale Fundraiser

April 16, 2001
"Bonfire of the 1040s" No Taxation without RepresentationTax Day Protest

A big crowd at Senate Park

Libertarians join the crowd

Civil rights leader Roy Elkins and D.C. citizens decry lack of representation and burn symbolic D.C. income tax payment in simulated fire.  Libertarian Troy Dayton gave a great plug for the party and Rep. Norton's "No Taxation without Representation" Bill and Carol Moore urged citizens to resist taxes that pay for war and tyranny.  Libertarians handed our almost 300 "No Taxation Even With Representation" fliers.

April 2, 2001
"No Taxation without Representation" Discussion Meeting

Jabari Zakiya (FairTax.Org organizer), Tim Seims, Drew Williams, Troy Dayton & Brother,
Jon Bouker (in suit) of Eleanor Holmes Norton's office.

For April 30th D.C. Democracy celebration photos sponsored by Standup for Democracy, click here

December 15, 2000

Counter Protest to 500 FBI Agents at White House

Four LPDC members join LP office Staffers to protest 500 FBI agents protesting against clemency for native American prisoner Leonard Peltier.  Even his prosecutor admitted they had no credible evidence he killed two FBI agents in 1972, but the FBI demands he stay in prison because someone must pay for the deaths.  Whole story at:

November 25, 2000
Libertarians Join Republicans to Protest Gore's Attempts to Steal the Election,
and even a few of Harry Browne's Florida votes!!
Across from Gore's Home on Mass. Ave.
(Note: in those naive days libertarians fed up with Clinton's wars of aggression, actually believed that the evil Clinton Machine had corrupted the balloting MORE than the Republicans.  Of course, we've since learned that the Bush Machine is EVEN MORE CROOKED - at least til Hillary is elected President??)

November 7, 2000
Rob Kampia-Matt Mercurio-LPDC Election Night Party

                    The Republicrats          Matt and Rob, our local candidates

Troy and Chuck harangue the crowd

Part of the Crowd

November 5, 2000
After Leafleting Thousands of Independents at the Ralph Nader Rally,
Libertarians Pose and Schmooze

October 1, 2000
To Protest Harry Browne's Exclusion from "Meet the Press" Debates
19 Libertarians (and one big Lady Liberty poster) gathered outside NBC studios in NW Washington DC at 9 a.m. to protest. My what a mighty roar we made, with just one bullhorn! Many motorists waved, honked and gave us the thumbs up.  Anyone entering and leaving the premises had to cross our line.  Pat Buchanan and his sister Bay stopped on his way out to chat.  CNN, Fox News and the local NBC affiliate television cameras taping us caught Ralph Nader's unenthusiastic wave. Three police cruisers and two NBC security personnel kept their eyes on those rowdy libertarians.

Photos: Ron Crickenberger and Carol Moore

September 28 Demo at Commission on Presidential Debates
Libertarians Joined other Third Party supporters on September 7, 14, and 28
at 1200 New Hampshire Avenue at 21st and M Street in DC

Libertarian John Buckley left and Clinton-critic Christopher Hitchens right address audience.

Masked man, marchers and the chicken


September 28, 2000

Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne, center, debates
Howard Phillips, right, the Constitution Party presidential candidate, and
Natural Law Party candidate John Hagelin, left,
at a third-party presidential debate Thursday night, Sept. 28, 2000,
moderated by Governor Jesse Ventura in St. Paul, MN.

Sept. 26, 2000

Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate for president, addresses The Economic
Club of Detroit Monday, Sept. 26, 2000. While acknowledging some have
        labeled him politically irrelevant, Browne cast his party as the most viable
            alternative to the Republicans and Democrats, though it has lacked the
vote-getting power of its Reform or Green third-party counterparts. With scant
    expectations of winning the White House on Nov. 7, Brown believes his
grassroots pitches for individual liberties over expansive, expensive government
        programs could win enough mainstream support to vault a Libertarian into the
presidency within 10 years.

September 21, 2000

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate
Harry Browne

Over 200 libertarians attended. Harry Browne in the doorway.

LPDC Candidate Matt Mercurio (with beard) was one of
three area candidates introduced from the audience.
More photos of local candidates at

Photos from Marc Montoni

September 7 Demo at Commission on Presidential Debates

One of the chants was: LET RALPH DEBATE! LET HARRY DEBATE!

D.C. for Harry Browne Coordinator Harry Browne and LPDC Secretary Bob Hunt
(The Chicken Represents the Fact that Gore is Too Chicken to Debate Ralph Nader)

LPDC Chair (spring 2000 - spring 2001) Carol Moore

Photos copyright 2000-2001, Carol Moore