Carol Moore's Waco Pages: The Davidian Massacre
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          One important revelation from the July-August 1995 House Waco Hearings was that the Department of Justice halted its post-February 28 raid shooting review because agent stories "did not add up."  Officials were worried that the interviewers were generating "exculpatory" material that could help the Davidian defendants at trial.  One memo expressed hope that the memories of those agents not interviewed would "dim" before trial.  Davidian attorneys, Texas Rangers and others charged that this was an unprecedented attempt to interfere with the right to a fair trial.   Below are the documents brought forth during the hearings.

    Note that Ron Noble, who memo below was written to, was the head of the 1993 Treasury team investigating ATF's actions.  Obviously, he would not find any problems in his own behavior.  (It should be noted he also spoke as a "legal expert" against impeaching Clinton at the January, 1999 Impeachment hearings.  Also testifying was Edward Dennis who was head of the Justice Department's 1993 investigation of Waco.)

Note that Prosecutor Bill Johnstone, who is being prosecuted for allegedly covering up evidence that FBI agents used pyrotechnic devices, most definitely is part of the effort to stop ATF agents from talking about the events of February 28, 1993.  He was NOT prosecuted for that coverup, which he did not reveal, only for the one which he DID reveal!